Healthy People, Healthy Planet Mark

Helping food sector businesses cater to customers wanting food that is good for their health and the planet.

Offering healthy and sustainable food options is more important than ever

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of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food

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of people who say they consider the environment when making a decision or purchase

Unique score and assessment

All meals are scored based on our unique assessment, taking into account health & environmental factors, and using recognised data sources.

You will get a full breakdown of the results, which helps you understand the impact of your food (and how to make it even healthier and more sustainable).

For qualifying meals, you then get the opportunity to display the Healthy People, Healthy Planet mark next to these meal options.

Display the mark on your menus and take away items

We provide you with everything you need to add the mark to your existing label templates, making it easy for you to print and display it.

This is the best way to show you offer healthy and sustainable food options, so you can stand out from your competition and attract more customers!

QR codes help tell your customers your healthy & sustainable food stories

Customers love to know more about how their food is produced.

Display our QR codes alongside the mark, and shine a spotlight on your delicious, healthy, and sustainable menu items.

Healthy People Healthy Planet recipe image

Combining the joint expertise of My Emissions and the Sustainable Kitchen Consultants

Sustainable Kitchen Consultants are a team of highly experienced nutrition-trained chefs providing bespoke recipe development, training and consulting services. They specialise in plant-based, free-from, healthy, and sustainable food.

My Emissions offers streamlined carbon assessments and labels to food businesses. All values are contextualised with their unique ‘fair daily food emissions value’, making it easy to understand the results.

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