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About the Healthy People, Healthy Planet Mark

The mark that shows customers meals that are good for them, AND good for the planet 

Working towards Sustainable Development Goal 3 AND lowering carbon emissions

The Healthy People, Healthy Planet mark is the first certification mark that promotes Health as equally as important as low carbon, when considering the sustainability of our food.  It is designed to help consumers easily choose meals that are good for us and the planet, helping us collectively work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3

Healthy People, Healthy Planet credentials

Our Healthy assessment has been Independently assessed by Head nutritionists from a leading UK academic institution

Our carbon assessment methodology aligns to the GHG Protocol

The Healthy People, Healthy Planet healthy assessment methodology has been independently reviewed and assessed by head Nutritionists at a UK leading academic institution, and our carbon assessment aligns to the GHG protocol

From the expertise of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants Healthy People, Healthy Planet assesses the environmental and health impact of meals, evaluating ingredients, processing and sourcing practices against these metrics:

Read more about our Methodology in HPHP Certification Standards 

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Sustainable Kitchen Consultants are a team of highly experienced nutrition-trained chefs and Sustainability experts, providing bespoke Training, Recipe development, and Sustainable sourcing and other Consulting services. They specialise in low-carbon, plant-based, free-from, healthy, and sustainable food. 

Their work includes key projects for clients such as: Vegan Society, Veg Power, Food Foundation, Sofitel, Linnaean, and they are regular contributors and Speakers on the topics of Sustainable diets, health & nutrition and plant-based and free-from cooking at events such as: Better Hospitality Conference, Food Matters Live, Specialty Fine Food Fair, and are seasoned Judges for Food Awards such as: Great Taste, Free-From and Nourish Awards