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Healthy People, Healthy Planet

is a certification that recognises the sustainability of meals by assessing both health and carbon impacts, and assigning a rating.

Meals that receive a rating equal or higher than B are awarded the Healthy People, Healthy Planet certification mark.  See below to learn more

Deliveroo, UberEats, In your Office! London 

Burgers are our passion. Large event catering is our expertise.
We’ve been exciting large corporate companies with our banging burgers for years, on movie sets and for large corporate office events. Now we can deliver to you, and help your teams fall in love with our great tasting, quality food at your office socials, meetings or client parties.
From our three central locations in London, we provide event catering at every scale, from small groups in the office to a thousand guest parties across the UK.
Whether you want our burgers conveniently delivered in our signature box, or a pop-up style catered for event, we’ve got you covered.
Wherever you are, we promise an expertly cooked and constructed burger for your enjoyment, every single time.

Everything we do is made in-house; from the sauces to the pickles and the fresh brioche buns made by our French bakers. 
Our vegan and vegetarian burgers in our Super-Natural menu have been created in collaboration with Sustainable Kitchen Consultants using UK grown produce and Regenerative suppliers making them a super healthy and sustainable option, and so delicious they can enjoyed by everyone, meat lovers included. And we always have gluten-free options to help everyone enjoy our banging menu
We pride ourselves on working with award-winning suppliers with the highest quality ingredients and sustainable suppliers

Our beef is from small herds in the North Yorkshire Dales and dry aged for up to 60 days, a unique blend of cuts minced using our bespoke grind. Our Chicken is 100% Halal and delicious.

British Natural Burger

You've chosen a meal that is healthier, and 0.6kg c02e less than UN target limit

Wicked White Bean Burger

You've chosen a meal that is healthier, and 1.01kg c02e less than UN target limit

Pulled Artichoke Burger

You've chosen a meal that is healthier, and 0.6kg c02e less than UN target limit

Bang Bang Sustainable & Regenerative suppliers for the Super-Natural Menu

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Read more about our Methodology in The Healthy People, Healthy Planet Standards